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Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby In Breech Position at 36 Weeks

It was a nightmare to me to hear that my baby suddenly decide to do sommersault and be in a "breech position" on the Week 36, approaching 37.

Imagined my surprise when all this while the baby was resting nicely in a vertex position, and suddenly 2-weeks ago, the head was at the top. I did felt the baby movement was slightly peculiar that week coz I noticed the "punching" at the bottom of my stomach was rather forceful. Looks like it was actually the leg kicking forcefully. Doc asked me not to worry as the baby still has time and room to turn about, but need to bear in mind, as the time goes by, the room will be getting smaller and smaller as the baby grows bigger and bigger and may end up not having enough room to turn back. And I may have to be ready for a C-Sec.

The following week, I was doing some reasearch on how to encourage my baby to be back at the Vertex position. The safest way was by placing music at the bottom of my stomach to encourage the baby to "swim" to the sound. So I did just that. I put on the music, I placed one pair of earphone at the bottom of my stomach and another pair on my ear (coz mummy also wants to listen to music ma...) and prayed that the baby will be guided to where the sound came from.

I did just that for the entire week, hoping and praying that it will do. I was kinda scared but anxious as well awaiting my next checkup, unsure if the baby is still in a breech position.

When it comes to the day of checkup, doc was asking me how I felt. I told him truthfully that I felt the movement much stronger at the top of my stomach, rather than at the bottom, but I was unsure if the baby has turn around or not. He said, "Let's check if the baby is behaving well or not." This was one time that I went up the bed with an anxious/scared feeling. What if what I felt was not correct and the baby was still in a breech position ?

As the doc did the ultrasound, he first went up on my stomach. As I looked with anxiety on the screen, I saw the leg bone. And immediately, I felt a sense of relief. That was my baby leg. To confirm, doc went to the bottom of my stomach and did the scan. Yes! My baby's head is there, in a vertex position. How very relief am I, knowing that I will have a natural birth, instead of a C-Sec.

So, here I am, on a week 37, approcahing 38 in few more days. Am hoping that my baby will be just like the elder brother who decides he wanna see the world earlier by 2 weeks. Hahahaha....

Thank you Lord, for listening to our prayer and to Mother Mary, for interceding for us...

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